About Us

Air Diagnostics, Inc. is a certified air balancing company fully licensed, bonded and insured.


- Owner has 30 years experience in commercial HVAC systems.


- Certified / authorized in TRANE and CARRIER software operation for VAV systems.


- Registered with and approved to work at many local malls.


- Multiple teams available for quick response.



Providing the following services:


- Certified air / water balancing for HVAC systems.


- HVAC system efficiency and performance testing.


- Commercial kitchen exhaust hood performance testing.


- Commercial kitchen exhaust hood test and balance.


- Commercial kitchen exhaust troubleshooting and repairs.



WHY ? SYSTEM PERFORMANCE TESTING with detailed report:


- Repeated trouble with a system.


- We provide detailed evaluation with reports and recommendations.


- Ventilation or air flow problems through systems or facility.


- System runs constantly but not cooling to sized tonnage capacity.


- Kitchen area in restaurant to warm or in a negative pressure.


- Smoke roll out from under hood.


- Building in a negative pressure.


All findings are reported in an user friendly manner to allow for easy understanding of findings and possible solutions to any performance issues.